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Driven by a pioneering spirit and a constant eagerness for groundbreaking endeavors, I thrive on embracing new challenges. My career is marked by several groundbreaking achievements:

  • Professional Experience in Marketing (18 Years):
    Spanning 17 years, my career in marketing includes working with both global and local brands. I played a pivotal role in devising and executing digital-centric integrated marketing communication plans for these brands.

    • 2007: Begun a role as a Digital Strategist at Publicis Group.
    • 2009: Established Turkey’s very first social media agency; Utopic Farm.
    • 2010: Launched “Blogger’s Base,” a pioneering co-working space for creators.
    • 2011: Begun to expand Utopic Farm by securing our first investment.
    • 2012: Achieved Utopic Farm’s international expansion by relocating the software team of our agency to North Macedonia.
    • 2014: We successfully finished our second investment round and evolved the agency into a comprehensive full-service entity providing all-around services.
  • 2018 Career Transition: Ended a significant partnership by transferring my ownership shares to investors, marking the start of my individual professional journey.
    • Marketing Director at Penti, Turkey’s premier women’s brand with a global presence in 600 stores, I oversaw the brand’s digital transformation and marketing strategies.
    • Following this, I served as the Marketing Director at Hopi, Turkey’s sole Retail Martech, Fintech & Loyalty Super App Brand. My leadership was instrumental in Hopi’s transformation, rebranding, and product revamp, culminating in its relaunch.
  • As of 2024: Consultancy & Partnerships
    Currently, I occupy board member roles at X-İletişim, a notable agency in Turkey, and am a partner at Nizmara, a company specializing in executive research services for leading brands. My responsibilities span various sectors including marketing, retail, fintech, and e-commerce.

Concurrently, I have maintained an active academic path:

  • Education and Academia:
    • 2009: Founded Turkey’s first academic social media programme at Kadir Has University. Managed over a decade. Graduated 1000+ professional to sector.
    • 2010: Completed my M.A. thesis on “Reputation Management on Social Media” at Marmara University.
    • Since 2014: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication Studies, focusing on the impact of the Internet of Things, AI, and disruptive technologies on the marketing industry.
    • 2014: Founded the first “IoT Academy” at Kadir Has University.
    • In addition, I continue to lecture at various academic institutions and present keynotes at professional events.

Since 2004, I have been documenting my comprehensive knowledge and experiences in the fields I specialize in on my blog, yicit.com, recognized as Turkey’s second oldest and most awarded personal blog.

  • Date of Birth
    November 18th 1985
  • Languages
  • Hobbies
    Vespa, Table Tennis, Fitness, AI Prompting
  • Personal Blog


Yiğit is a true expert in his field, and his unwavering dedication to helping others succeed is truly inspiring. I feel incredibly fortunate to have him as a friend and I recommend him to anyone seeking guidance, support, and inspiration in their own professional journey.

“Marketing Cloud Country Lead at Salesforce, Ex-LinkedIn”

Orçun Fıstık

Yiğit’s strategic mindset and leadership skills were instrumental in the success of our transformation. He wrote, led, and managed the strategy that enabled us to adapt to the changing landscape and emerge stronger than ever. His passion for the job was infectious and inspired the team to work towards our common goal.

Above all, Yiğit is a great person to work with. He is approachable, communicative, and always willing to lend a helping hand. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside him and learn from his expertise. I have no doubt that Yiğit will continue to excel in his future endeavors and I highly recommend him to any organization seeking a talented and dedicated Marketing Director.”

“Digital Transformation Director at TAV Operation Services”

Ersin Üstsoy

“IT Director at Penti”

Fırat Akın

“Professor at Nişantaşı University”

Gresi Sanje

“Management Consultant, Board Member BRM Bosph. Uni. Businesspeople Assc.”

Sedef Gürsel

For me, Yiğit is one of the most trusted young professionals in the Turkish Online Communications sector. I’ve never seen him fail a campaign or a project that he works on.

I truly believe that he has the ability to achieve good, creative, and unique ideas in his field. Combined with his work ethic, result-driven personality, and a good understanding of marketing and communications he will surely achieve much more in the future.

“Digital Communications Director at 4129Grey & Ogilvy – AKQA Istanbul”

Sera Aktüre

In the digital marketing business, Yiğit is the kind of person you’d like to realize your project with his knowledge, experience, and positive attitude.

He is fast, resourceful, and as well as a solution provider. Especially with his experience in social media management, he creates value for your campaigns and brands.

“VP, CMO ex-TBWA, ex-Netmarble”

Zehra Tuğçe Erül

I met Yiğit while Utopic Farm did its market research in Macedonia. What I saw in him and experienced with him is an ambitious project fulfillment manager and an up-to-date communicator.

All in all a person whom I would allow to rum my communications department – especially in the field of social media! Cooperating with Yiğit was a wonderful experience.

“Marketing Manager at Seavus”

Marina Domazetovska

Yiğit has a passion for his field and the best important thing is to learn more about it. He is doing well about following new global social media practices, new tools &, etc.

He is really good at feeding himself from the internet environment and that is why he rocks in social media campaigns!

I have a great pleasure to know him. With his solid standing and perfect personality.

“CPO at REM People”

Tolga Arıcan

Yiğit has been one of my most qualified students I ever had while teaching at Istanbul Bilgi University. Resourceful, cordial, creative and team worker person he is. I highly recommend him.

“Professor of Media and Journalism Studies”

Erkan Saka

Keywords & statements for Mr. Kalafatoğlu as a lecturer:

Visionary. Social media trendsetter. Personal brand. Great know-how. Highly intellectual. Professional at social media strategies. Warm-hearted to his students and open-minded.

“Content Marketing Specialist, Cartoonist”

Ece Burgaz


Istanbul Bilgi University

2014 - Present

Ph.D Candidate in Communication Studies.
Focusing on “Effects of the disruptive technologies on consumer behavior”.

Marmara University


Master of Arts (MA) in Advertising.
“Reputation on Social Media” thesis.

Istanbul Bilgi University


– Major in Advertising
– Minor in Media & Mass Communication Systems

FMV Ayazağa Işık High School


Social Sciences & Mathematics

Southbourne School of English,  England


Advanced Level of English Certificate


Board Member - X-İletişim

As of 2024

As part of the management team, my focus will be on fostering growth within Turkey and the Middle East, along with branching out into the European market. We plan to achieve this by consolidating services like ATL, BTL, Production, Influencer and Digital Marketing into one comprehensive, full-service framework.

Consultant - Nizmara Consulting & Executive Search

As of 2024

I am spearheading executive research and talent acquisition, including headhunting for roles at the chief executive level, within the retail, e-commerce, marketing, and digital transformation sectors.

Marketing Director - HOPİ

2022 to 2024

As a director responsible for Hopi’s B2B and B2C assets, I were tasked with transforming the business model and improving the product by introducing new features.

Furthermore, I was responsible for supervising the product’s relaunch, which entailed crafting a fresh brand identity, formulating a comprehensive strategy, implementing repositioning, and executing an integrated marketing campaign.

Marketing Director - Penti

2019 to 2022

Integrated Marketing Communications
– Strategic Marketing Planning
– Brand Portfolio Management
– Retail Calender Strategy & Management
– ATL & BTL & Digital & Social & Event
– Media Planning & Buying
– Corporate Communication & PR
– Leader Communication
– Crisis & Reputation Management

Brand Identity Management
– E-Commerce, Mobile, Stores, Social
– Visual Merchandise
– Graphic Design & Production

Customer Experience Management
– Call Center Management
– Operational CRM
– Loyalty Program Management
– Community Management

Digital Transformation
– Unified Commerce Experience Strategy
– Omni-Channel Marketing Activities
– Customer Data Platform (CDP) Management
– Marketing Automation & Orchestration

Managing Director - Cosmos Turkey

2018 - 2019

Digital Marketing Campaigns,
– Social Media Campaigns,
– Online-Offline Integrated Solutions
– Sales Oriented Digital Solutions

Design and Production
– Coorparate and Micro Website Solutions
– UI & UX Mobile & Web Services
– Influencer Projects

Managing Director - Utopic Farm

2015 - 2018

Until Full Exit:

– Key Client Relationships
– New Business
– Long-Range Planning
– Human Resources
– Talent Management
– Financial Stability
– Operational Efficiency

Total Account: 100+ in 10 years.

Key Accounts: Served 5+ Years

Executive VP of Operations - Utopic Farm


– Designing and managing error free work-flows
– Planning the organizational structure.
– Leading the development of brand strategies for all clients.
– Organizing in-house trainings.
– Developing technical competence and communication knowledge of staff.
– Developing tools, processes and reports.
– Responsible for key account management.
– Managing Intelligence & Conversation departments.
– Leading pitch processes from planning to presentation.
– Heading the Executive Committee.

Founder - Utopic Farm


Digital Strategist - Publicis


– Research & Intelligence
– Converting Brand Strategies to Digital
– Creative & Innovative Campaign Production
– Leading Pitch Processes for Digital Ideas.



Lecturer at Laba International

As of 2023

Lecturing “Becoming a Marketing Director” certificate programme.

Lecturer at Pearson Turkey

2018 to 2022

Lectured “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” program via Wharton School of the University

Program Director at Kadir Has University

2010 to 2020

I am the founder of the Social Media Academy, which has been Turkey’s first social media education platform under Kadir Has University for over a decade.

In my role, I have been responsible for conducting research, designing the curriculum, coordinating with lecturers, establishing student relationships, and lecturing core courses.

Since 2010, I have successfully graduated and certified more than 600 students, and I remain fully committed to advancing this vital educational initiative.

Program Director at Kadir Has University

2014 to 2020

As the founder of the Internet of Things Academy, I believe that it is crucial to reassess the future of marketing in light of the increasing number of internet-connected objects surrounding consumers.

Brands must be able to adapt and engage in the decision-making process to create value and make informed choices on behalf of their customers.

In response to this shift in the marketing paradigm, I created this program to thoroughly examine how the principles of marketing will be impacted by the Internet of Things and to explore new approaches to effectively incorporate IoT into marketing strategies.

Lecturer at Kadir Has University

2018 to 2020

Lecturing “Online and Mobile Marketing” course under the New Media Department of Communication Faculty.

Lecturer at Yeditepe University

2011 to 2014

Lectured “Digital Marketing” course under the MBA program.



Beyond Extraordinary

Theorizing Artificial Intelligence and The Self in Daily Life, 2023

Rethinking Media and Cultural Studies

A Journey through Paradigms and Turns, 2023

The Concept of Self in Communication Studies

There is a self within me, deeper than myself, 2023

Digital Transformation in Retail

A Comprehensive RoadMap, Pre-Covid, 2019

New Media Studies III

Co-Author, Book, 2015

Prospective Paradigm of Marketing Studies: Internet of Things

Ph. D Journal, 2014

Social Media & E-Marketing

Book, 2011

Reputation Management on Social Media

MA Thesis, 2010



ACE Awards

Achivement in Customer Experience

BLOG Awards

Best Personal Blog

Cristal Apple

Best Campaign

Direct Marketing Awards

Best Use of Technology

Effie Awards

Bronze Effie, Gold Effie

Facebook Studio Awards

The Most Efficient Application

Golden Compass Awards

The Best Microsite, The Best Technology Usage

Golden Web Awards

The Best Website, The Best Microsite

MarTech Awards

Best Insight Technology, Best VR Campaign

MediaCat Felis Awards

Best Film, Best Creative, Best Strategy, Grand Prix, Curious Felis, Best Insight, Jury Special, Best Integrated Markering Campaign, Best OOH, Best Radio Campaign, Bravest Brand, New Technology Usage, Best Usage of User Generated Content, Best Direct Marketing Campaign

Hammer Awards

Best Marketing Team, Best Mobile Team, Best Marketing Team in IT, Best Marketing Team in E-Commerce, Best NFT Team, Best Digital Marketing Team

MIXX Awards

Brand Destination Sites, Direct Marketing, OOH Digital

Social Media Awards

Data Analytics, Best Social Management

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