Lecturer at Laba International

As of 2023

Lecturing “Becoming a Marketing Director” certificate programme.

Lecturer at Pearson Turkey

2018 to 2022

Lectured “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” program via Wharton School of the University

Program Director at Kadir Has University

2010 to 2020

I am the founder of the Social Media Academy, which has been Turkey’s first social media education platform under Kadir Has University for over a decade.

In my role, I have been responsible for conducting research, designing the curriculum, coordinating with lecturers, establishing student relationships, and lecturing core courses.

Since 2010, I have successfully graduated and certified more than 600 students, and I remain fully committed to advancing this vital educational initiative.

Program Director at Kadir Has University

2014 to 2020

As the founder of the Internet of Things Academy, I believe that it is crucial to reassess the future of marketing in light of the increasing number of internet-connected objects surrounding consumers.

Brands must be able to adapt and engage in the decision-making process to create value and make informed choices on behalf of their customers.

In response to this shift in the marketing paradigm, I created this program to thoroughly examine how the principles of marketing will be impacted by the Internet of Things and to explore new approaches to effectively incorporate IoT into marketing strategies.

Lecturer at Kadir Has University

2018 to 2020

Lecturing “Online and Mobile Marketing” course under the New Media Department of Communication Faculty.

Lecturer at Yeditepe University

2011 to 2014

Lectured “Digital Marketing” course under the MBA program.