Lecturer - Pearson Turkey

2018 to present

Lecturing “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” programme via Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Program Director - Kadir Has University

2010 to 2020

Social Media Academy
This is the Turkey’s first social media education platform running under Kadir Has University. More than 8 years now, I am responsible for running researches, planning curriculum, coordinating lecturers, establishing student relations and maintaining core lectures. I have graduated and certified more than 600 students since 2010

Program Director - Kadir Has University

2014 to 2020

Internet Of Things Acedemy
We need to reconsider; what future will bring to the field of marketing. When almost every object around a consumer has connected to Internet; and to create value, make decisions, and act on behalf of consumers, things will change for brands to involve in this decision making process. That’s why we need to reconsider how could “Interent of Things” could effect the principals of marketing.

Lecturer - Kadir Has University

2018 to 2020

Lecturing “Online and Mobile Marketing” course under the New Media Department of Communication Faculty.

Lecturer - Yeditepe University

2011 to 2014

Lectured “Digital Marketing” course under the MBA programme.